What Size Gutters & Downspouts Do I Need?

How To Calculate Gutter & Downspout Sizing

Gutters protect your home from rain, flooding and water damage, but they can break and need to be replaced just like anything else. To choose the right ones, along with the proper downspouts to drive water away from your home, we’ve put together this helpful guide. Not only will you learn what size gutters you need for your house, but you’ll also learn how they work and why choosing the right ones is so important.


Gutter Size Guide

Gutter sizing is based on the square footage of your home’s drainage area, as well as the intensity of rain you experience each year. While you’ll need to calculate the square footage of your home’s drainage area if you don’t have any gutters, buying new ones is much simpler.

To figure out what size gutters you need as a replacement, simply use a tape measure to measure the distance from the roof to the end of the gutter; most residential gutters are 5 inches, but some homes with heavy downpour may have 6- or 7-inch gutters.

If you need to calculate the square footage and drainage area of your home, this handy guide by Hunker can help.

Our professionals can also come out to measure your roof and tell you exactly what size gutters you need. If you aren’t comfortable on a ladder, this is definitely the route we recommend!

Gutter and Downspout Sizes

Most homes will require a 5- or 6-inch K-shape or half-round gutters with downspouts for every 40 feet of water. Downspouts should exceed your expected runoff to prevent flooding and foundation damage.

Seamless Gutter & Leader Installation

You can take all of the guesswork out of gutter sizing by contacting Preferred Exterior. Our professional team helps businesses and homeowners throughout Nassau County, Queens, NY, and the entire Tri-State area. For any of your home renovation and repair needs, we offer a variety of solutions to suit your budget and tastes.

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