What Is A Roof Coating and How Can It Help My Roof?

Many people consider the roof of their home or business one of the most important things associated with the building — and in most cases, they’re right! However in some cases, traditional shingle-based roofing systems aren’t enough to keep the weather at bay and the building in check — and that’s where a roof coating come into play! Below are a few things that provide insight into roof coatings and how it can help you! 

What Does A Roof Coating Do?


A roof coating, in short, is designed to help protect and extend the life of a roof, the assemblies associated with the roof, and also protect against the coating and material of the roof itself. Roof coatings have a much higher thickness than traditional paint and help protect the surface from harmful UV rays, water buildup, wind damage, and other impacts due to environmental occurrences. 


How Does It Help?


For your roof specifically, it can assist in allowing you to sleep soundly, knowing that something won’t damage your roof overnight. The security of that alone is typically a driving force to have a coating installed, but it can also help in other ways. Reducing the temperature of your roof is also a benefit as it reflects light away, thus reducing the temperature inside your building, and lowering costs associated with cooling in the warmer months and climate. A coated roof is essentially a layer of waterproofing as well, and can help you prevent needing to have shingles and other flimsy pieces replaced. 


Before it begins to snow on a regular basis, make sure your roofing system has been prepped or repaired, so you can avoid costly fixes in the spring. When you need an expert installer to help you with this, you know where to find us!

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