How Summer Weather Can Hurt Your Roof


With summer right around the corner, it’s important to start keeping in mind the different kinds of intense weather it can bring with it. Certain summer conditions can cause more damage to your roof than you realize. With the holiday weekend ahead, and the summer season right around the corner, here is what to consider when it comes to summer weather and your roof: 

Intense Heat

The summer heat can pack a big punch. Long days of exposure to the sun’s bright rays can cause various different issues for your roof. Here are some for example: 

  • Roof degradation: over time your roof’s materials may start to peel, crack and erode due to long exposure to the heat. These breaks may lead to leaks inside your home.
  • High humidity issues: increased heat can mean increased humidity, and with humidity can come water damage, especially if you don’t have the proper moisture control. That’s why sealing your home in order to weatherproof it is so important. 
  • Thermal shock: your roof is constantly expanding and contracting due to warm days and cool nights. There is only so much your shingles can handle before breaks and shifts happen. This is especially an issue for homes that have old or roofs in need of repair.


Summer Storms

Summer is known to have some intense storms throughout the season. Often, these include some scary thunderstorms which include: 

  • Heavy Rain: rain can cause water to slip into any already exposed areas of your roof. This causes interior leaks that can damage that can damage the structure of your home and increase your risk of mold.  It’s important to do some maintenance checks before we encounter heavy rainfall in the summer.
  • High winds : intense winds can take surrounding trees and poles down with them in an instant. The right gust in the wrong way, and you could be left with serious home damage. Check to see if any rotting trees or dead branches pose a threat to your roof as well. Get them trimmed or taken down in order to stay one step ahead! 


It’s important to remember to weatherproof your roof and get annual maintenance checks done. This can prevent any harmful damage to your home going into the summer season. When you need an expert installer to help you with this, you know where to find us!


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